When Words Fail, Some Turn to Gestures

Jason Zinoman for The New York Times:

“Crawl, Fade to White,” Sheila Callaghan’s new drama about the fraying relationship between a mother and daughter, isn’t the kind of dysfunctional family play in which the characters say exactly what they feel. Instead, the college-age April (Jocelyn Kuritsky), who speaks with a stutter, and her mother, Louise (Carla Harting), who works as a “beauty consultant,” communicate, if at all, in grand gestures. “Some things,” April says, “don’t have words.”

Striving for a kind of dreamlike visual style, Paul Willis’s insubstantial production is hard to pin down, with scenes popping up all over the raw, attractively distressed Ideal Glass Gallery in the East Village. This restlessness matches the state of mind of its awkward protagonist…