The Best Collections From New York Fashion Week Spring 2019

Barry Samaha for Forbes:

“The whole presentation is about the women behind my brand, my customer, the girls that wear my shoes,” she [Chloe Gosselin] said. “We are doing this collaboration with Rise Up and Vote, trying to push millennials to vote in November. Its about women from all backgrounds uniting and supporting each other.”

To emphasize this point, Gosselin had models sitting along a long table, talking with one another behind a screen with there only their shadows in view. The only parts of them that were clearly visible were their feet, which displayed her Spring 2019 collection.

Under the Radar, but Cranked to 11

Matthew Schneier for The New York Times:

It was dark and loud on Monday night in Ideal Glass, a performance space on East Second Street, the site of the first solo presentation by a little-known, prodigiously talented men’s wear designer named Kozaburo Akasaka.

Nine p.m., the last show slot of the day, is not generally a sought-after one during New York Fashion Week, but you got the feeling that Mr. Akasaka would have been just as happy to have gone even later.

“I couldn’t have the vision to do a normal runway show,” he said. He hasn’t, in fact, done any shows or events at all. For this, his debut, he insisted on a psychedelic happening, a crowd milling and a few brave souls lightly moshing, to the throbbing drone of a Chilean psych band called Föllakzoid.