Silence SPeaks

Have you ever had a dream inside of a dream? You wake up from the dream and start doing daily routine…..that “daily life” was also dream…you realize it later… My yoga teacher used to say “It’s not that different what you do there or here”. The left brain is the one that makes the concept of “Linear Time” and “Individual Space Ownership” alive. Without those, we are probably just a fluid-like energy form, floating around in space, sharing, playing the “Life Game”… The only difference between what we call “Real” and “Dream State” is physicality. Yeah, probably what’s happening in dreams is really happening in different dimension… I heard there’s no more physicality after the 6th dimension anyway….wow… Can we experience the 6th dimension at SILeNCe SPeAKs? Ummmm-, maybe possible with Turkish bath sized flotation tank. Well, since the left brain doesn’t get visited as often as when we use words, we’ll gain more chance to go beyond the cubical separation… You don’t mind if the next person is just staring at the wall, or the wall is staring at you… Or, you realize that you are the chair holding a person’s “yesterday ass”… above it, breasts are dancing between atoms and atoms smile back…

7PM – 9PM | Cmpletely silent, tune into…” Noise hours”
9PM – 11PM | Rhythm by objects,”Muse hours”
11PM – 12AM | Guest performer Kevin Nathaniel Hylton
As always w/Playable Lighting, Sound Corner, Smiling Healers & Masseuse, Mini Workshoppers, Blank Paper/Toys