Ideal Glass welcomes its new partner: Performance Space 122 for their Coil Festival. Inspired by 1920s blues singer and brimstone pastor J.M. Gates’s songs such as “O Death, Where is Thy Sting?” o’death is a multidisciplinary performance installation, choreographed by award-winning Norwegian choreographer Marit Sandsmark, that impossibly and playfully attempts to prove that death does not exist and everything we have ever loved is not enough. 

Built on a reflexive interaction between sound and movement, the performance comes alive amidst towering styrofoam sculptures and mechanical trees, giving sound a physical presence in movements, objects and flickering lights. o’death is shaped by notions of ferality and biocentrism, exploring the tension between the natural and the synthetic.

“Death does not exist, only fear of death”

– Andrej Tarkovskij


Findlay//Sandsmark (F//S) is a Norwegian performance company working across the disciplines of dance, theater, live music, and video art.or the past five years the constellation of Iver Findlay and Marit Sandsmark have created several productions in the borderland between performing arts and installation, bending connections and correlations between disciplines to create live art that resonates from a physical and emotional plane.

  • Concept/ Idea/ Production: Findlay/Sandsmark

  • Director & Designer: Iver Findlay

  • Choreographer & Performer: Marit Sandsmark

  • Composer & Musician: Pål Asle Pettersen

  • Visual Artist: Jason Rogenes

  • Sound Artist: Jim Dawson

  • Collaborator: Joey Truman