After presenting her installation G E N T L E in Poland (Art Cinema Luxury Design, Warsaw) and in the United States (Emart Gallery, NYC ; DreamBox Gallery, Chicago), award-winning poet and filmmaker Renata Plaga will be showcasing a new conception of her piece, this time as a collaboration with the artists Janusz Gilewicz and Willard Morgan.

The pop-up installation
Using her recently published book “Gentle” as a starting point, Renata Plaga developed the video installation incorporating animation, still life videos, as well as Janusz Gilewicz’s ephemeral feather’s live piece and Willard Morgan’s poetic voice-over. 

“The performance will give a chance to the audience to ponder the real nature of our human experience. Gentleness is a silent force that awakens our conciseness to live life of love and compassion, free from mental labels. We need more love than money, more nature than industry, more silence than madness. Contemporary mind is addicted to competition, luxury or social status. Modern man consumes more and more even though he doesn’t want to. Why should one follow destructive values, and destroy true human aspects.” 

– Renata Plaga

The book
The limited edition of G E N T L E is a combination of her minimalist poems with the work of three women photographers, Iwona Biedermann, Heidi Knez and Kasia Opara. All explore distinct themes of gentleness. Opara explores the imagination, Knez captures the fragility and simplicity of the moment, and Biedermann follows the perception of beauty in stillness of time and in motion.

RENATA PLAGA is a poet, blogger and filmmaker whose poetry collections include Metaxa, Woman, Overheard in Silence, AMMA – Love in Action, Unknown, For the good beginning, Flow, and Zero Gravity. Her projects have received four awards from the Polish Association of Authors and Composers. She created a unique language of narration: short essential form of words combined with photos, music as albums, movies and installations.

Renata Plaga website

WILLARD MORGAN is a performer, composer/lyricist of alternative musical projects, an award-winning director of several exhibited independent films, and the producer/gallerist of Ideal Glass, where he brings together a collective of international artists.

Willard Morgan website

JANUSZ GILEWICZ is a painter whose work has carried him around the world, with numerous solo and group exhibitions in Poland, Italy, Japan, Brazil and the United States. Gilewicz has learned that, through his art, he can share with the viewer his appreciation of beauty, mystery, and harmony.

Yanusz Gilewicz website