Drama of the Gifted


WHAT DO YOU DO when you know in your heart and soul that you have something really important to bring to the world? When the notion of giving up is absolutely unfathomable? When your conviction is so dead and so certain that even after 40 years of false starts, mountains of rejections, not to mention the unavoidable detours – a.k.a. life, with naysayers at every turn… That there is NOTHING that can deter a dream that is truly meant to be?

Rosalinde Block performs “Drama of a Gifted Grownup” for the first time at Ideal Glass, as a narrative interlaced with excerpts of 17 songs from her vast catalog. Her self-designed set is a montage of her cartoons and illustrations. One need not be a prodigy to identify with the struggle to be seen and heard. This piece touches everybody. This one-woman show is a culmination of her music, art and writings!