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Late afternoon, Hollywood Blvd. I was alone. I walked into a bar, sat down, beckoned the bartender. There was a girl sitting a barstool away, maybe she was smoking or is that just my Noir fantasy, anyway, I leaned over to her and asked her a stupid question just to break the ice. It doesn’t really matter what you say to someone. She could have told me to get lost. She didn’t. Music & Lyrics by Willard Morgan Produced, Arranged and Engineered by John Sully Directed by Ayakamay Director of Photography: Yevgeniy Vaskevich Editor: Jessie Stead Stylist: Uta Bekaia Assistant Camera: Berta Jottar Lighting: Zach Frank Hair and Make-up: Naoko Kitano CO-STARRING Jessie Stead Azumi Oe Uta Bekaia John Sully Charlie Gomez Anastasia Krechet Bass, drums, Guitar: John Sully Piano: Girshel Javakhishvili Recorded at Ideal Glass, New York & Estudio Ballari, Havana, Cuba Havana Production Ed Steinberg Trumpet & Arrangement: Alejandro Delgado Rodriguez Bass: Carlos Rios Argueles Piano: Victor Bell Carbonell Trombone: Juan Carlos Maria Shot on Location at Duane Park / Bowery Poetry, New York Special

Thanks: Marisa Ferrarin, Paul Etienne Lincoln, Bob Holman and Nikhil Melnechuk